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Posts from June 2018.

The United States Supreme Court overturns a 40 year precedent for the NJEA and other public sector unions. 

By Mariel J. Giletto on June 25, 2018

Our corporate attorneys, Adam Chelminiak and Mariel Giletto discuss the recent online sales tax ruling and how it can affect businesses. 

By Andrew W. Li on June 22, 2018

In this latest entry to the Public Schools and Education Blog,  attorney Andrew W. Li discusses how the New Jersey Supreme Court found that -- for public employers – sometimes there can be too much Rice.

Our attorneys share an update on the Qualified Opportunity Zone program which was recently announced.

Jeff Winitsky, Mariel Giletto and Adam Chelminiak of our public finance and corporate departments explain the Qualified Opportunity Zone program born from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

By Mariel J. Giletto on June 8, 2018

Corporate attorneys Kathleen O'Brien and Mariel Giletto give an update on the latest ruling regarding sports betting in New Jersey and surrounding states. 

June 7, 2018

Municipal and Government Associate Daniel A. Davidow discusses another court ruling involving OPRA and the difference between medical and incident reports. 

By Susan S. Hodges on June 4, 2018

Public Schools and Education counsel Susan S. Hodges' latest alert discusses the new law known as "Pass the Trash."

By George M. Morris on June 1, 2018

OPRA Counsel George Morris explains the recent New Jersey Supreme Court refusal to hear an appellate court case on privacy concerns regarding public records.

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