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By Mariel J. Giletto on June 12, 2019
Client Alert: NJ Legislature Votes to End Some Fines on Small Businesses

On June 10, 2019, the New Jersey State Assembly passed legislation, A-1677, which would suspend penalties for businesses that make certain paperwork violations of state laws.

By Mariel J. Giletto on June 12, 2019
Joint Ventures: What You Need to Know

Small to mid-sized business owners often partner with other businesses to develop strategic relationships for growth, profitability, and additional market share opportunities. This relationship is referred to as a joint venture.

New Jersey Legislature Scrambles to Rein in State's 'Airbnb Tax'

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season along the Jersey Shore. As the tourist season begins in earnest, the New Jersey Legislature is working quickly to pass legislative fixes intended to alleviate aspects of New Jersey's 11.65% tax on short-term rental properties located within the State (referred to colloquially as the "Airbnb Tax"). 

By Mariel J. Giletto on February 19, 2019
Best Practices in Observing Corporate Formalities

The primary benefit of using a corporate entity to conduct business is the limited liability protection afforded to its owners. Corporations, limited liability companies, and other such entities are recognized as legally distinct and separate from their owner(s). As a result, the owner’s personal assets are shielded from any liability for the entity’s debts. This principle applies equally whether in the context of a parent company using a subsidiary entity for a particular venture or in the case of an individual using an entity to operate a new business.

By Mariel J. Giletto on December 4, 2018
Focusing on the "Little Guy"

Pursuant to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s Economic Development Strategic Plan for the State of New Jersey ("Strategic Plan"), the New Jersey Economic Authority ("EDA") launched a new, dedicated unit ("Unit") to support the small-business community. The Unit will provide New Jersey small-businesses with financial, workforce, and technical support, with a focus on historically underrepresented small businesses such as minority, veteran, disability and LGBTQ-owned enterprises.

By Mariel J. Giletto on August 24, 2018
IRS Proposes To Throw Water On SALT Workaround

Corporate associate Parthiv Patel discusses how the IRS's proposed rules to block the State and Local Tax deduction cap workaround will affect New Jersey taxpayers. 

By Mariel J. Giletto on July 31, 2018
Avoiding Disputes Over Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments

In this installment of the Corporate Department Blog, Adam Chelminiak and Mariel Giletto discuss the two different types of purchase price adjustments and strategies to minimize future disputes.

By Mariel J. Giletto on July 13, 2018
Changes to New Jersey’s Corporate Tax

Kathleen O'Brien and Mariel Giletto keep us up to date on the latest corporate tax changes in New Jersey.

By Mariel J. Giletto on June 25, 2018
Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Taxes from Online Retailers

Our corporate attorneys, Adam Chelminiak and Mariel Giletto discuss the recent online sales tax ruling and how it can affect businesses. 

Final Designation and Certification of Qualified Opportunity Zones

Our attorneys share an update on the Qualified Opportunity Zone program which was recently announced.

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