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By Andrew W. Li, Michael W. Herbert on January 17, 2020
Will New Jersey's "CROWN Act" Prove to be a Headache for Public Employers?

With new amendments to the Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”) signed into law last month, New Jersey became the third state in the country to prohibit discrimination against a person’s hair style. 

By Andrew W. Li on May 30, 2019
In Silent Support? The U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Overrule Third Circuit's Decision in Favor of Transgender Students' Rights

In a procedural decision which some are viewing with surprise and which others are viewing as a civil rights victory, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a case involving transgender students using the bathrooms and locker facilities that align with their gender identities.

By Andrew W. Li on October 23, 2018
Your Employees Are Taking a Sick Day but They Aren't Sick, and that's Okay under New Jersey's Paid Sick Leave Act 

For employers and small business owners, employee sick time is no sneezing matter. At least one study suggests that employees who come to work sick cost the country over $160 billion dollars in lost or lowered productivity.

By Andrew W. Li on October 16, 2018
Firing an employee for salary information disclosure might violate the Equal Pay Act

An employee's disclosure of salary information might violate workplace rules, but firing an employee for that disclosure might violate the Equal Pay Act.

By Andrew W. Li on October 12, 2018
“O” Is For The OPMA

Andrew Li discusses the Open and Public Meetings Act, and how it affects the New Jersey School Boards Association Workshop coming up later this month. 

By Andrew W. Li on August 31, 2018
“N” Is For “Narcan"

Opioid antidotes are now required to be on-hand at public and private high schools in New Jersey. Attorney Andrew Li discusses.

By Andrew W. Li on August 28, 2018
“M” Is For “Mandatory Recess”

Recess is now mandatory in New Jersey public schools. Attorney Andrew Li explains. 

By Andrew W. Li on June 22, 2018
"K" is for "Kean Federation"

In this latest entry to the Public Schools and Education Blog,  attorney Andrew W. Li discusses how the New Jersey Supreme Court found that -- for public employers – sometimes there can be too much Rice.

By Andrew W. Li on May 9, 2018
New Paid Sick Leave Act a Potential Headache for School Districts?

Public Schools and Education attorney Andrew Li talks about the new Paid Sick Leave Act and how it could affect school districts and some of their employees. 

By Andrew W. Li on March 23, 2018
“I” Is For “Immigrant and Undocumented Students”

In this installment of the Public Schools and Education blog, Andrew Li discusses immigration enforcement and what it means to school districts in New Jersey. 

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