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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Parker McCay’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice offers clients a variety of methods to resolve matters as an alternative to formal litigation, which can often be time consuming, indefinite and expensive.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a third party, the mediator, attempts to facilitate an agreed upon resolution. The willingness of all parties to settle a dispute through consensus and compromise makes the ADR system work. The distinct advantage of ADR is that parties are allowed to reach their own agreements in ways that are consistent with their interests, concerns and their legal rights. Unlike a court trial where the jury makes the decision, all parties have input into the resolution of the dispute.

Our program offers mediation, arbitration and complex case management, as well as master services in discovery and services as a neutral in all types of matters including uninsured and under-insured claims. Mediation should be distinguished from binding arbitration in which an arbitrator makes a binding decision resolving a dispute between parties. The process of mediation has been accepted by counsel and courts as a principal means of resolving civil disputes. 

The ADR practice also offers Hearing Officer services in disciplinary and other matters. Corporate and governmental entities can use our services to conduct investigations to protect the security of their operations and personnel. 



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