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We connect with our clients through our legal and business credibility. By combining our widespread knowledge of the law with our wealth of practical experience, we bring a level of insight and perspective to every matter and every issue.


Executive Committee

Philip A. Norcross
 Managing Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer
Frank P. Cavallo, Jr.
Thomas M. Walsh

Gene R. Mariano


Susan E. Bacso
Frank P. Cavallo, Jr.
J. Brooks DiDonato
Lora M. Foley
Mariel J. Giletto
Steven P. Goodell
Brett E. J. Gorman
Michael W. Herbert
Richard W. Hunt
Gene R. Mariano
George M. Morris
Philip A. Norcross
Kevin D. Sheehan
Carolyn R. Sleeper
Thomas M. Walsh
Jeffrey D. Winitsky

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