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By Susan S. Hodges on January 27, 2020
New Jersey's Wage Payment Law - New Requirements for Paychecks

Last week, Governor Murphy signed Senate bill 2000 into law, amending New Jersey’s Wage Payment Law, N.J.S.A. 34:11-4.6, which required private employers to provide certain information regarding deductions taken from their paychecks.

By Susan S. Hodges on January 23, 2020
Before You Decide to Leave the Garden State…What NJ Employers Need to Know

On January 21, Governor Murphy signed Senate Bill 3170 into law, dramatically expanding the requirements for employers who want to stop doing business in New Jersey.

By Natalia P. Teekah on January 20, 2020
New Jersey Sets Transportation Electrification Targets for 2025 and Beyond

On May 3, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed the State Zero-Emission Vehicle Programs Memorandum of Understanding, under which ten signatory states have pledged to advance the use of zero-emission vehicles within their borders.

By Andrew W. Li, Michael W. Herbert on January 17, 2020
Will New Jersey's "CROWN Act" Prove to be a Headache for Public Employers?

With new amendments to the Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”) signed into law last month, New Jersey became the third state in the country to prohibit discrimination against a person’s hair style. 

By Natalia P. Teekah on January 10, 2020
Time to Dish the Dirt Part 2: Potential Changes to NJ's Soil and Fill Recycling Industry on the Horizon

Late last year, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) launched the “Guard Your Backyard” campaign, aimed at giving municipalities more control over the fill material imported into communities in an effort to reduce contamination.

By Anand A. Acharya on January 10, 2020
Understanding Waterfall Provisions

Waterfall provisions (or, colloquially, “waterfalls”) are provisions that dictate how the distributions from a partnership or limited liability company are allocated among investors.

By Colleen S. Heckman, Susan S. Hodges on January 7, 2020
Does Your Maternity Policy Comply with New Jersey Law?

On January 3, 2020, the New Jersey Appellate Division issued the first published opinion interpreting the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (the “PWFA”). Effective January 17, 2014, the PWFA amended the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (the “LAD”), prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

December 9, 2019
Choosing the Best Entity for A Tech Start-Up: LLC vs. C Corporations

Most tech start-ups are typically formed as a Delaware C-corporations (“Tech C-Corp”). However, in recent years an increasing number of tech start-ups have chosen to be formed as a limited liability company (“Tech LLC”).

By Natalia P. Teekah on November 25, 2019
Municipal Planning for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

The New Jersey legislature is getting serious about electric vehicles. On November 6, 2019, it passed S-606 (formerly A-1371) encouraging municipalities to begin planning for expanded electric vehicle ("EV") infrastructure across the state.

By Christopher R. Sullivan on November 11, 2019
Due Diligence Issues in Commercial Real Estate Transactions Part III:  Clearing Tax Sale Certificates from Title

Engaging a reputable title company to assist with due diligence is one of the key components of any commercial real estate transaction. 

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