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Our firm has always been based around a single core concept and goal: exceptional client relationships. For more than 100 years, we have worked tirelessly to foster and hone our client bonds in order to provide truly effective legal representation. 

Our Firm

We are a leading regional law firm with more than 100 years of experience in South Jersey and beyond. We tirelessly serve individuals, businesses and government entities, crossing a multitude of industries. Our mission is to take legal representation to the highest level through value-driven interactions that help clients stand stronger, reach higher and push further in the industries and communities they serve.

Our attorneys understand that the best legal outcomes are driven by the strongest client connections. We communicate with clients on their terms – at key points in the process or from beginning to end. We take our communications lead from clients: the format, the frequency, the level of detail and even the time of day so that everyone that matters is connected to every matter.

We take hold of our clients’ matters and goals as if they were our own. Through strong attorney connections, our clients have access to skills and knowledge in a vast array of legal areas. They benefit from the transfer of key facts and perspectives across legal teams without any loss of knowledge or momentum. With personalized communications and steady commitment, our attorneys are the right source at the right time.

The result is critical efficiencies and value for our clients.

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