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Parker McCay Announces Student Loan Repayment Benefit

January 27, 2020

Parker McCay announced today that it is offering its attorneys an innovative new benefit program to help repay student loans.

In addition to its industry-leading benefits package for attorneys, on January 1, 2020 Parker McCay launched its student loan repayment program. The new benefit offers attorneys an annual contribution of $1200 directly to the loan servicer to assist with student debt repayment. This payment will continue through employment until the end of the loan.

“We are sympathetic to young attorneys dealing with the burdens of significant student debt from law school,” says Philip Norcross, CEO and managing partner of Parker McCay. “By offering this assistance, we are reducing financial stress and creating a positive work environment. We consider this a starting point and hope to enhance this benefit in the future.”

The firm’s 401K education sessions revealed that student debt obligations took priority over saving for retirement. As a solution, the firm introduced the student loan repayment program allowing more attorneys to save and prepare themselves for a prosperous future.

“I really appreciate what the firm is doing to support its attorneys,” comments Associate Dana Stefanoni. “When the firm introduced this program, it demonstrated to me that it understands the financial challenges affecting this new generation of attorneys. This meaningful benefit is another great reason to work at Parker McCay.”

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