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Big Win for Parker McCay from the New Jersey Supreme Court

June 22, 2018

The New Jersey Supreme Court released a decision yesterday in Kean Federation of Teachers v. Ada Morell (A-84-16) (078926), ruling that public bodies must use Rice notices only for closed session meetings. This reverses the Appellate Court’s ruling that Rice notices must be issued for private and public sessions.

John C. Gillespie argued the cause for amici curiae on behalf of the New Jersey League of Municipalities and New Jersey Institute for Local Government Attorneys and played a key role in the win. He argued, and the Court agreed, that “public bodies routinely approve recommendations in public meetings without discussion and must rely on advice from professional staff to make decisions” and that the Appellate Court’s decision to enforce “robust” discussion “would intrude on a public body’s prerogative as to how to conduct its meetings.” 

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