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Our attorneys defend municipalities, counties, state government, school districts, police departments and other governmental entities against lawsuits in the areas of employment, premises liability, civil rights and auto liability, as well as school security and harassment, intimidation and bullying. On behalf of our municipal and Joint Insurance Fund defense clients, we regularly handle litigation involving prerogative writ claims, civil rights claims, New Jersey Tort Claims Acts cases, redevelopment law litigation, litigation involving police procedures, employment law litigation, and environmental litigation.

Given our many years of  representing municipal entities in the capacity of both solicitors and litigation or special counsel, we have an understanding of just how unique local governmental entities, departments and divisions are and how they operate. From Public Works to the Police and Fire Departments to the Council and Mayor, we have met with, counseled and represented all of the public servants who make our communities function. As a result, when issues arise we know who to go to and what needs to be done to resolve the issues that such institutions face on a daily basis, and are sensitive to the need for transparency and integrity that local governments owe to their citizens.

Our attorneys have represented clients in virtually every court in the state, as well as the District Courts in Camden, Trenton, and Newark, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. We pride ourselves on offering our clients both a cost-effective, and successful, defense of any and all litigation brought to our office for representation.



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