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Human resources professionals are the heartbeat of every business, managing the people that make organizations run efficiently. Every day they face a complex array of laws that govern everything from hiring and firing to wage standards, pensions and benefits, workplace safety and employee privacy. On top of that, they administer and implement highly regulated programs such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA,) equal pay and other wage requirements, discrimination and harassment prevention, training, background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and a host of other legally mandated functions. You need attorneys who understand the nuances of the law to work with your human resources professionals.

At its core, human resources law is about how you run your business. And when making decisions about the future of your business, you want trusted human resources lawyers at your side. The attorneys at Parker McCay have the expertise and experience you need. Attorneys in this practice area routinely assist clients with a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues along with executive level requirements such as non-compete agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures. And so much more. If it affects how you manage your human capital, we have dealt with it and we know how to best approach your company’s concerns. We can help you put your company in the best legal position possible.



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